June 25, 2021

Rupee Tales initiating conversations on money for kids

An initiative by Zerodha, a leading discount brokerage firm, ‘The Rupee Tales’ is a wonderful attempt to introduce kids and parents to talk on financial concepts at home. Given the opportunities, earning power of adults, there is the need to talk on managing savings, investments and on understanding the concept of financial literacy.

The Rupee Tales- a set of five books brings into homes, the concept of initiating conversations with young minds. The books are targeted at children above the age of seven years.  These are short picture books with titles as Mani’s Money, Anu learns to save, The Cake Shop, One and Half Stories and Vishrambu’s Bus Journey.

Something that primarily caught our interest was Mani’s money and Anu Learns to save. These two books have easy flowing stories particularly Mani’s money where the terms deposit, price increase, utility of banks in society have been explained. Mani is a cook and he works for families in Bangalore. He particularly likes Mrs. Padma’s family where an old lady whom he calls ‘Dadi’ resides along with her two year old grandson and others. The story revolves around Mani understanding the concept of price increase, methods to tackle his future expenditure among others.

The next book ‘Anu learns to save’ has two characters of two young girls, Anu and Annie. In the times of over exposure to materialism and our need graph rising in life, this story helps children to understand why is it important to save and utilize it when required. Set in Goa, it charts out a simple story where among two friends one has the habit of saving and the other doesn’t believe in it much until an incident. This is a much required story to be communicated to young readers who should understand why savings, control on expenditure is critical in life.

One and Half stories is an interesting story and can make for a good bedtime story for children who can understand the concepts of money, savings and expenditure. While the title could have been more interesting the concept does engage the reader to the term insurance.

There are two more stories of Vishrambhu’s bus journey and The Cake Shop trying to simplify concepts of taxes and stock markets.

We felt the earlier three stories of Mani’s Money, Anu learns to save and One Half Stories had easier flow that could be understood by even by 6 to 7 year olds.

Financial literacy is very important and has to be part of growing up culture at homes and schools. With social media and consumerism that showcases money power to be the coolest accessory to be possessed, it is important to understand where does money come from, how could one earn and why is it important to save?

The Rupee Tales are stories by Karthik Rangappa and Illustrations by Tarun Andrews

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