January 18, 2021

Savita Gupta on Mums and Stories -A tribute by her kids

Here is a story essentially featured on Mums and Stories, because this son wanted to pay a tribute for his mum. We love the element where there are children particularly grown up kids who do know the value of having awesome mums.

Harday reached out on featuring his mum- Savita Gupta  who has single-handedly raised her children. A strong woman he and his sister believe is worthy of being highlighted as an inspiring mum

Having been a working professional , Savita has recently taken up voluntary retirement and she shares on her life with Mums and stories.

” My childhood was great, we were 5 brothers and sisters and I am the elder once. My mother was a housewife and father was a businessman. I spent my whole childhood in old Indore and I still miss that time and culture.

It was very tough to handle work and kids at the same time, but it was not impossible. Management is basically a skill and we humans are born managers. Planning and execution always helped me a lot, I achieved my life’s short term long plans. Managing both work and kids require smart working not hard working.”

Talking about kids who are raised by single parents Savita says, ” I can say that they are stronger and practical instead of sensitive. As they have seen much harder time in life they know what life is and how it goes. I see my kids and trust me they are more practical, hardworking & happier human beings in comparison to other kids of their age. They understand sense of responsibility towards relations and me. As far as maturity is concerned, it totally depends upon once mental ability to understand things; it does not have any relation with being a single parent.”

Being an ardent traveller she shares, ” I have been to many places like Himachal, Uttrakhand, Rajasthan, Goa, Bhuvaneshwar to name a few. But the best place is Goa, I visit Goa every year and love the environment and beaches a lot. The best thing about beaches is that you can feel combination of air, water and land at the same time and these really help in rejuvenating once mind and soul. I travelled to Goa alone in the year 2015 from Bhopal and it was a nice trip as I met a lot of new people, enjoyed my unplanned 3-4 days stay.

Savita has strong views on women and daughters being part of the society-”  We are in the 21st century and in India we have a law for everything. No one can push you to get married and have children soon. We need to understand our rights that’s it. I or my family never pushed my daughter to get married and have babies, instead we supported her to make a good career. Today she is a senior officer in Ministry of Atomic energy, posted in Orissa and my son is working in Chandigarh.

Marriage is just a part of life, like school is one part of our life or college is one part. But a career is a thing which stays and helps you to make life more balanced and happy. One can have babies at the age of 30-35 also, but someone who start career at the age of 30-35 will not able to reach at higher levels in a short period of time.

According to me the best part of being a mom is you work hard and try to give every happiness to your kids without expecting anything in return. This is unconditional love called motherhood. And when your kids start earning and their main motive is to keep their mother happy, and then you have achieved your goal of your motherhood. I worked hard in my life to keep my kids happy and now for them my happiness is their top priority.”

We thank Savita for sharing her story and Harday too for thinking of featuring his mum’s story. Wishing you and the family lots of happiness in the years to come

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