June 23, 2021

Sairam Iyer on singing and on his amma

Years ago when music videos used to rule the Indian television content, a video surfaced on television –‘Aisa bhi Kabhi Hota Hain’. Viewers were surprised to watch the video, especially the singer who had this unique ability to switch in male and female voices without a hint of hindrance.

Both the voices are tuned to perfection and that’s the specialty of Sairam S Iyer. We at Mums and Stories spoke to him over a telecom, sometime back. We surely wanted to bring this story out for this rare singer’s personal journey and reached out to him.

Talking on his childhood and journey he says “I come from a typical Tam Brahm- academician oriented family. Nevertheless, I was always encouraged to sing from my family as I had immense interest in the field. I had my inspiration from my dad too who was a singer. Initially people would appreciate my voice, my ability and I had polished my knack of singing in dual voices. I have also leant classical music and my family completely encouraged me to pursue what I wanted in life.”

Talking on his mom, Sairam shares, “Amma has been a homemaker. She is one of the strongest individuals I have ever known in life. She ensured I learn everything to be independent. This included breaking the stereotypes on raising sons and I had to learn cleaning up the house, cooking or anything else required for survival. There was absolutely no difference in the style of parenting. My parents wanted me to finish my education before I explored any field that would be offbeat in its nature.

Also with teenage phase as part of growing up, came the crackling of the voice. Initially I was very skeptical as I thought I will never be able to sing in dual voices; but with belief, time and practice I was able to regain the second voice too.

It surely hasn’t been an easy journey for me but I am happy where I am. My dad passed away a few years ago and amma still managed to everything herself. I live in Mumbai away from her, but she has been a major part of my life and also the reason for me having a very positive attitude in life.

God has been kind and I have fans all across the world. It is an overwhelming feeling when you get the positive vibes in live shows. I am considered approachable by fans and I do feel genuinely that it is important for celebrities to be approachable and grounded.”

On the current generation of singers and expectations Sairam shares, “These days people expect you to be a wholesome package. You need to sing well, look good, dress well, sing well and dance too. This is so difficult and impractical.

Singing to me is divine and I feel it should be kept in its purest form. I do sing other’s songs but I have of course managed to mark a niche for myself. I would like to end by saying I would like to be a student all my life.”

Mums and Stories thanks Sairam for sharing his story with us and we wish him the very best in life.

5 thoughts on “Sairam Iyer on singing and on his amma

  1. Sai Ram Iyer has been very fortunate to have his physical mother but he has his Spiritual mother too I think he should thanks to her too as she was the one who answered his prayers when his voice was cracking and he was finding no clue to come out of the problem. That mother is SRI SATYA SAI BABA JI to whom he treat as his spiritual mother and he should except his gratitude towards Him also.

  2. Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba has always emphasized that mother is the first God and as a true follower of Baba, as I know him, has shown how much he respects his mother and has thus expressed his sentiments.
    In fact he had his father too like a mom, who dotted on him and brought him up with love and laughter… because his dad was always a jovial and humble person.
    Just like we cannot have one more Gandhiji, Sairam Iyer too will always be only one, who has been very kind, humble, approachable …not to forget the blessing of dual singing, to relieve tired and monotonous minds!! Sairam to Sairam Iyer:-)

  3. SAIRAM…What an inspirational journey…The younger generation, especially the ones who “go abroad” for “better prospects”, should draw an example from this and the most down-to-earth you !! Truly…”Janani Janma-bhoomi-scha Swargadapi Gariyasi”(Meaning…”Mother and Motherland are superior to Heaven”)
    God bless you with continued success and happiness in enthralling people and spreading smiles with the wonder of your voice n persona !!

  4. We love your songs and the way you present it without any difficulty.
    We humbly request you to sing TAMIL SONG too . Thanks

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