June 25, 2021

Aarti Vinil on her fitness journey post motherhood

We had earlier written a lovely story on Aarti sometime ago. This is on her journey of transforming herself. Aarti Vinil shares with Mums and stories her journey of going to fitness with a dedicated spirit and how it has changed her perspective.

“As a child I was always on the chubby side. When I was younger, I was very fondly called “thundering thighs” or “TT”, “Fatty”. It never bothered me as a young child. I was not overly into athletics, but I tried, only to be told “ooh your little chubby why, don’t you do shot put throw, you’ll do better”.

However, as I grew older and entering into college, I was told to “lose weight because you have a pretty face”, “don’t eat too much sweets”, “go join the gym”.

Boy’s didn’t notice me because I was “chubby”, so I was told by friends.

Clothes didn’t fit me. It did get frustrating, I did get angry…my pants were an odd size “13, then 17,”which was available only in the states.

However thanks to my aunt and my cousins who made college life better for me, at that age all I could think of was having a “great body”, it was all about being noticed. Finally I had pants that fitted me and getting noticed, getting invited to parties, being a part of the “in crowd”.

Life began to change as a mom to two adorable boys. But it was not easy for me due to my PCODS and a surgery that involved having one of my ovaries taken out before the children were born. Both my pregnancies were tough as I’m small framed and the babies were big. I was advised bed rest and very little movement due to low line placenta which made me spot.

Since I wasn’t able to exercise, I started putting on too much weight, which was good as per the elders. It was frustrating to see me at my biggest possible self. As the kids grew up I joined the gym, with the help of my good friend and trainer Rahul, who designed a workout that suited my body along with a diet. It was an emotional journey to come to this level of being fit.

I’ve always been artistically inclined and my parents have always encouraged me to achieve my best. Teaching Art has always been my passion after being a primary art teacher in a noted international school, I decided to start my own art school called “Rock, Paper and Scissor”.

My  boy’s are 8 and 12- They are my strength and motivation. I want to be healthy and fit for them. As women, as mothers we have so many roles to play.

I think we need to owe our selves that “me time”, to get ourselves healthy and fit.

All women can do it.

It’s all about staying focused, dedicated and never giving up. All this happens with the right kind of support from your trainer who needs to be a professional and needs to understand what exercise and diet works for your body and what doesn’t.

Do note –No crash diets are to be followed. What works for others may not necessarily suit your body.


Lastly I would like to believe I am a woman working to make myself healthy and fit while balancing a life as mum.

Mums and Stories thanks Aarti for sharing this beautiful journey with us and we do hope it will indeed help a lot of mums.

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