January 24, 2021

The Insect Boy Book review on Mums and stories

This is a book that speaks so much on insects that it can get someone like me a little perplexed. I am quite wary of creepy crawly beings and was wondering if I would be able to run through the book without feeling nervous.

So when I received this book for a review I was reluctant to open it and the uneasy feeling subsided only when I saw my child go through the pages in awe and glee.

The story is essentially of a boy named Roy.

Roy goes through a series of unexpected accidents like an army of ants biting him when he was one year old, a buzzing bumblebee stinging him when he was three to over the odd number of years hated insects whenever he saw them.

Written by Shobha Vishwanath, Co-Founder of Karadi Tales and illustrated in detail by Monami Roy the book runs as a dual story chronicling Roy’s growing up years from two to sixteen and as an adult.

If one part of the story at twelve, Roy discovers that mayonnaise can suffocate head-lice, on flipping the book in the other story, Roy is able to calculate the quickness of cockroaches and to his curiosity, he finds that they are the fastest runners among insects.


The Insect Boy is for 3 to 8  year olds who can be narrated or can read the simple and different story on their own.

A story who are wary on insects, this can perhaps break the barrier on knowing the insect world around us.

The older kids might be even curious to know more on Roy’s discoveries and multiple professions one can claim or become as an adult.

Personally I have become a little more sympathetic and will try to be less worried or concerned if I see a cockroach at home.

The book can be a perfect accompaniment if you are planning a trip to the forests too for the kids to read.

The Insect boy is published by Karadi Tales.

This review is done by Reshma krishnamurthy, Founder, Mums and stories  




































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