September 19, 2020

Ekta Shah on why it is important to shed the superwoman tag

She is one of those blogger mums who knows to make a mark discreetly rather than over usage of social media.

Ekta Shah is a blogger, mum and according to her identity is that of being  primarily is that of an individual and then follows the list of other identities. She feels she is also a dreamer, music lover, a traveller and someone who is still exploring with the age.

Ekta shares with Mums and Stories, “My childhood was different in term of freedom and no-bias. I never had any kind of restrictions which are generally part of the life of many girls. I had complete freedom of choice in everything and NO gender discrimination of any sort!”

While agreeing marriage and motherhood playing a defining role in many women’s lives she shares, “Women need to realign their priorities especially during major milestones of lives like marriage and motherhood, where the women are generally left alone to manage on their own. But if you are determined to make a change for yourself then no one can stop you. It’s just a matter of one wish that you make for yourself and leaving no stone unturned to achieve it. I know every woman is special and strong, you just need to explore and empower yourself. There is no age to learn and start with!

Personally motherhood changed me a lot. To speak in general, the phase brings a sense of maturity and responsibility factor. This is the phase when you leave you individuality and transits to ‘Us or Ours’. It’s a mixed phase of so many ups and downs but ultimately adding a lot of memories which are unforgettable.

Also I feel the guilt factor never leaves you..if you are mum. You need not look for perfections all the time, let go few things, nothing will happen. And communication is the key to every problem. Please do communicate without the fear of getting judged. You will surely find the way. “

As an individual who has battled depression and anxiety attacks Ekta shares, “ Depression is common in woman, some can recognize and some can’t. The taboo around mental health is still there and people are not yet bold enough to accept that they are mentally sick. There could be many reasons for it -sometimes the expectations around to do everything perfectly and on time. There is the pendulum of the being judged and the  guilt factor. I realized these are the major points when you lose yourself. Also I have seen many cases where a woman is turned to be a scapegoat.

My only advice with my experience is: Be yourself, please don’t change as per others and make others understand too. Prioritize your work and do as per your capacity. Don’t overwork, there is always a scope to procrastinate.

Love yourself, take some time out only for yourself. Engage yourself other than your routine task like art, music, writing which are actually therapeutic.

You can’t make everyone happy-your happiness is equally important. Engage your mind and don’t hesitate to take any medical help.

Still, you find yourself depressed then first accept that you are and how you can come out of this. You can cross that stage only when you will accept that you are in a bad phase. There is nothing wrong with accepting things and finding the solution.

Do communicate your ups and downs….with your loved ones

Lastly shed the superwoman tag, you are ultimately stressing yourself.”

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