July 13, 2020

Bhushavali on motherhood, travel and recycling fashion

Meet an interesting, relatively new mum who is a keen travel lover and is based in Belgium. She is a fashion blogger who blogs at http://fashion.bhushavali.com/

Bhushavli introduces herself as a Fashion & Textile Designer by profession and an ardent traveler by passion. “ I am a wanderlust. I love to travel, and I hate crowds. So by default, I venture to places where many don’t venture. I find new places which are roads less traveled.”

She shares with Mums and Stories her journey of being a mum, her experience of shifting to another country while being pregnant, her travel experiences and on her life.

Bhushavali says, “ I was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu. My mom was very much eager to show me our heritage. So we’ve travelled across Tamil Nadu and that’s the beginning of interest in travel to heritage & historical sites. “

Continuing her interest to travel with a young baby, she shares, “I’ve just been on one proper trip with my baby. Usually it’s all day trips where I go by morning and come back by evening.

There was also once that I had to cut short my day trip to half day as Atyu got very cranky by afternoon due to cold weather. My itineraries are slow and I ensure that includes an afternoon nap time for Atyu.

Sharing her experience of her pregnancy that happened in phases in two different countries, Bhushavali shares, “ There were both positive and negative aspects. The worst was changing the doctor. Since I moved half way through, and went to a multi-specialty hospital (which I chose for its excellent maternity facilities), I was checked by different doctors every time which wasn’t really an ideal situation. I had to keep re-checking by phone with my original obstetrician in India.

The best part was the presence of my husband in beside, holding my hand, even during C section.

Also another good part was having a physiotherapist which is compulsory here. It included a few sessions during pregnancy and few after delivery.

The weather was great here in autumn (unlike super sunny Chennai), so going for long distance walks during pregnancy was no trouble at all (I wasn’t panting like a dog after a walk).

Bhushavli loves re-using fabrics and clothes to upgraded to baby utility items. She says, “ It has been our tradition to use mom’s saree and dad’s veshti as cloth diapers. Also husband’s  & Dad’s shirts are such a blessing! With a big bump, it’s the ideal time to steal their shirts!


Let me reiterate, It not difficult to create a wardrobe that doesn’t have just clothing labeled as maternity clothing. Shirt dresses & shirts are the best ones to invest on. Works well during pregnancy and after delivery for nursing as well.

Mom’s saree as FWCC wrap, or even our own old dupatta as short wrap can be done. If you’re good as DIY-ing, you could convert a dupatta into a ring sling.



Motherhood as a phase is interesting. I’m not in a phase to say its exhausting as Atyu is yet to walk. I’m really scared but I’m looking forward for that as well.”



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