March 28, 2023

My trip to La- La Land by Nandita Da Cunha

The book title made me think of some fantasy land probably being spoken about until I found out it is a cute story set in Ladakh.

Nandita Da Cunha pens the story beautifully and it is on a young girl who travels with her over enthusiastic and fitness freak mom who wants to set up a library at a school in Ladakh.

It is hilarious and very relatable as a mom to understand how the nine-year-old Tavishi’s mom feels on planning, organising and on kids but it is humourous as to how the author got to write in the style how kids think of moms or parents.

” Mom goes jogging morning and evening, summer and winter, on her tennis days and kickboxing days, power yoga days and karate days, clean-up days and lawn-digging days and even on her birthday! Totally psycho.”

Kids want to have fun all the time and such emotions and thoughts may not be put up explicitly but it is Tavishi who genuinely feels like most of the kids of her age that unnecessary work or planning is not required in life.

My trip to La-La Land

The story is a simple and can be finished in one reading by 8-12 year olds. Also the uniqueness of Ladakh be its extreme cut-off scenario from modern amenities, bare, overpowering but astonishingly captive views, dry toilets, the cuisines, prayer flags strung at certain designated spaces all come through the story.

We as a family haven’t been to Ladakh yet and this story again entices us a travel lover family to go and visit Ladakh once at least.

The book ends on colour images being shared on true-life experiences of a foundation that helps in setting up libraries, learning infrastructure and playgrounds in Ladakhi region.

The book is published by HarperCollins Children’s books and is priced at Rs 199/-

Mums and Stories recommends the book for kids and gives it 4.5 on 5

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