January 23, 2021

Ways to stay Fit during Pregnancy -Guest Blog by Akansha Bansal

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It is important to stay fit and healthy throughout the pregnancy. The healthy body gives birth to a healthy baby. According to experts, during the pregnancy, women who have been active faced fewer difficulties during childbirth. Therefore, staying fit and healthy is an important part of your pregnancy.

In this blog, we will take you along with the ways to stay fit during pregnancy. Let us check this out.



  1.  Yoga

Yoga has multiple benefits for an expectant mother. Yoga prepares your body for the labor. It helps in relaxing pelvic muscles which plays an important role during delivery. Moreover, if you are planning to get pregnant then pelvic floor exercise can provide you immense help as this muscle plays a major role in sexual intercourse.

With the help of yoga, pelvic muscles get strong which helps the woman to carry the baby in her womb comfortably. Yoga also ensures quicker recovery post-delivery.

  1. Walking

A walk is a good way to stay fit during the pregnancy. You should do a gentle walk on a regular basis while you are pregnant. Remember, you should prefer walking shoes over sandals or slippers as walking shoes help to mind your step and prevents you to slip. Do not run, or walk fast as it can make you breathless or exhausted. Be attentive about the paths and roads while walking and you could ask your friend or your partner to accompany you while walking.

  1. Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is the best option to stay fit during pregnancy. The healthy diet provides you with necessary nutrition needed for a healthy pregnancy. Prefer freshly cooked homemade meals over canned meals. Oily, junks and spicy foods should be strictly avoided.

  1. Drink plenty of water

The fluid intake should be sufficient to maintain fitness during pregnancy. You should drink plenty glasses of water or fresh fruit juice to keep yourself hydrated and energetic. The sufficient fluid also helps you in dealing with morning sickness during pregnancy.


Avoid consuming any carbonated drinks and alcohol. These unhealthy fluids can make the situation worse.

  1. Prenatal Vitamins


You can seek advice from your doctor/obstetrician with respect to prenatal vitamin tablets. Your doctor can guide you the best prenatal vitamin tablets, which are safe during pregnancy. Never buy any Over-The-Counter (OTC) medicine or supplement during pregnancy. Although, Prenatal vitamins Tablets and supplements are the good alternative way to stay fit during pregnancy, it must be a prescribed one.


  1. Perform daily household chores

While being pregnant, you may not be able to do your daily household tasks more actively as previous. However, you should continue with your task but remember to perform it slowly and by giving break in between. Do not exert yourself. You should be physically active as it is good way to stay fit during pregnancy.


  1. Join Pregnancy / Childbirth classes


The pregnancy or the childbirth classes gives an immense help in understanding every situation of pregnancy and childbirth. There are multiple workshops and sessions, which guide you in every aspect of pregnancy and prepares you for childbirth and labor. They also provide you the information via lectures, discussions and exercise, on how you can stay fit during pregnancy.

Staying fit during pregnancy is a difficult task, however it is not impossible. If you are keeping yourself fit while being pregnant, you are probably gifting the best health to yourself as well as to your baby.


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