June 25, 2021

Can you help Pragya , the determined mum find her brother?

This mother is in a trauma, a dilemma that a few ; yet those who have their loved ones missing can perhaps understand her true state of mind. Pragya is a mother to a young child and she has been shuttling between her home city and here in Bangalore only to find her missing brother.

Ajitabh, Pragya’s brother was selling his car on a platform and had to meet the buyer. This is something which is a routine task in our lives considering we have moved  seamlessly into the online world with our data, pictures, transactions as much as the offline world too. But suddenly Ajitabh went missing instead of just completing a normal transaction of buying and selling and getting back home.

Ajitabh  went missing in December 2017 in mysterious circumstances. Pragya has been getting people to join her to find her brother, holding press conferences, asking the government to intervene and rightly so.

She shares with Mums and Stories, “It all began on 18th of December, when I heard from my family that my younger brother isn’t picking up the phone. I tried calling him but his mobile was switched off. I cried shivering like a thunderstorm had hit me. Bad thoughts started creeping in my mind. I tried to hide my tears from my two-and-half year-old kid. I made him sleep and broke into tears. I was panicking whether my brother is alright.

(Ajitabh, Prgaya and her child). Featured image is of Pragya and her brother Ajitabh.

Soon thereafter, we booked the tickets for the next day to Bangalore from Delhi (where I live). Now, it was time to decide, whether I should leave my kid at Delhi with my In-laws or take him along. I was even asked to stay back, until we get some news about my brother. But I insisted strongly and firmly to go to Bangalore with my son.

We reached the next day to Bangalore. I was always asked to stay back at my brother’s residence while my father, husband, elder brother and Ajitabh’s friends went out for physical search or to the police station. But, I utilized that time to get in touch with the press reporters and kept spreading the word for help on social media.

My kid unaware of the incident was enjoying the change of place and meeting new people. I always cried when he slept, but he could overhear our conversation that Ajitabh was missing. I used to pray to Almighty to find my brother. My kid used to stand along and pray ‘”Please, Ajju Mama ko bhejo na, Mom is crying, Nani is crying “. I used to encourage him to pray as God hear the prayers coming from pure soul of kids.

During the initial days, it was very hard to control my feelings for my missing brother, in front of my kid. But somehow I managed to take care of him as well as our ordeal. Days passed by but we could hear, no news of Ajitabh.

One of my cousins messaged me that she admires my courage to withhold in this situation and because I was taking care of kid, family and helping them in searching my brother . But I said that I actually did not require any praise. Isn’t this what every sibling would do?” Pragya questions.

Talking on the ordeal she shares, ” My younger brother, Kumar Ajitabh has been missing & kidnapped for over 7 months now. With each day passing by, waiting for Ajitabh is becoming hard for me and my family. Our life has become a standstill since the date of 18th December 2017. I have been very attached to him and being an elder sister, he has been my kiddo.”

My child has seen me and the family members crying often and I do feel it has unfortunately created an impressionable impact on his young and innocent mind. He says “Bad boy has taken Ajju Mama, he is not leaving him, and Mama is calling out help, help.”.

It’s said that ‘Life teaches you every lesson, helps you to grow up, adapt, become responsible and mature’. I am not sure of this lesson though it has connected the rest of the family to be strong and determined to find Ajitabh.

I have been shuttling between two cities and one time I did leave my son with my in-laws for the first time. It was a very tough decision for me to take as I am someone who has always spent time with him and never had day passed without him.  My husband had clearly however told me “ If you want to fight for your brother, you need to leave our son with his grandparents as it is much more  manageable to run around and get things done. Stay strong.”

We did a press conference in Bangalore, met and spoke to media people, visited the area where Ajitabh was last seen, attended two court hearings, met our lawyer and few others to seek legal advises and finally organised a Protest at Town hall.

After doing all this, I had to return back, because unfortunately I couldn’t  leave everything and stay at Bangalore for a longer period. My fight against injustice will continue until we get him back. They (Police, CID and Govt. of Karnataka) have to find Ajitabh and answer us why they could not find him or catch the criminals even over 200 days.

After appealing to State Government and attending 14 hearings, we now wanted to appeal to the Central Government to intervene in the matter and help save my brother and order CBI investigation.

We had organised a “Press Conference’’ at the Press Club of India, on 27th July. My Son nowadays, after watching the Protest videos of 8th July, Town hall, Bangalore, keeps shouting “We want Justice”, “We want Ajitabh “Shut Down OLX “.

I am waiting for a miracle to happen and see my brother Again. RAKHI, the festival is nearby and it is flooding me with beautiful memories of the past.

After my brother’s incident, my family has started worrying about everything. We always keep our location on our mobiles even when at home.

If anyone has any information on Ajitabh, please call 9999787615.

This incident has changed me as a person from a soft and reserved person to an outspoken and even hardened me as an individual.”

We at Mums and Stories hope Pragya’s brother is found soon and is safe.

One thought on “Can you help Pragya , the determined mum find her brother?

  1. I’m very thankful to Mums and Stories for expressing my struggle in words.

    I’m shattered with this incident that has put me in a situation, where I always had to decide whom I should give more attention. Should I go out to seek justice for my brother or should I let my family handle it and I stay at home to take care of my child who’s at a stage when he needs more attention, care and love.

    I always keep wishing to see my brother back and I always wanted to do everything possible I can to help support my family. This has taken so long I wish everyone who reads, prays for Ajitabh’s safe return. I pray no one should go through all this to seek justice for their loved ones.

    Thank you all.

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