June 23, 2021

Review of Ek Bajarbattu ka Geet -Hindi book for kids

What happens when Bajarbattu (Scarecrow in Hindi) decides to leave his field and travel? Beautifully illustrated and written by Shuddhsatva Basu is a must have book for children.

(Inside illustration of Bajarbattu ka Geet book. Photograph by Mums and Stories)

In case you plan to introduce your child to more language books than just English and if Hindi is added to that list, this book in Hindi brings a simple and enchanting narrative.

It is interesting to imagine a scarecrow going bored and tired of being in one place to guard the field. So he decides to travel and meets a lot of animals, insects and fishes too but he starts thinking back of home and returns home only to find drastic changes from where he left.
Meant for three years to eight or nine year olds, the story is a must-have book.

Here is a short video review of the book and in case you want to send us regional language book or any language we will review or get it reviewed.

(Video by Mums and Stories for Bajabattu ka geet story book)

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