July 10, 2020

Media coverage and Pictures of Storytelling with Books and Toys swap

This September 2018’s Storytelling with Books and Toys Swap was an event filled with delight.

This was covered in the Hindu Metro Plus

(Photograph of Mums and Stories event)


The event had a participation of over 26 children and parents and grandparents too.

Here are some of the photographs of the event.

We had storytelling, toy exchange where kids got to play with different toys. This attempt was an effort to enhance the value of sharing among children and adults.


(Storytelling with Books and Toys swap-A Mums and Stories event)
But we too got to learn from kids who wholeheartedly shared a few toys, storybooks and stationary for kids who might be in need. We will be soon donating them and we will love to organise more such drives.

(Storytelling with Books and Toys swap-A Mums and Stories event)


(The charity box getting filled up at the event. A Mums and Stories photograph).

For story-sessions, events for mums and kids, collaborations, do reach us at mumsandstories@gmail.com

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