January 19, 2021

More than being a mum- New series- Blog by Paawana Poonacha Cariappa

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So here is our first entry for More than being a mum, a blog written by Paawana Poonacha Cariappa, who is a mum and a communications consultant for an IT company.


Paawana shares with Mums and Stories, “ From a recent workshop on Women in Management that I attended, I bring home a very special takeaway.

 The best lesson a mother can teach her children is that she does not have to forsake everything else to become their beloved mum.

Instead, she will let her personality shape her children’s own perceptions about mothers and women in a fair world. As a mother of two boys (12 and 7 years), the takeaway had a deeper meaning to me.

It gave me the much-needed conviction to be ‘More than Being Mum’, unapologetically.  

Whether a stay-at-home mother or a working mother, there is an uneasy see-saw of identities that plays on our minds, at least at some point of our motherhood journeys. Mine wasn’t different either – being just mum wasn’t enough. It was hard to keep my free spirit going; I allowed myself to be judged between all my previous identities and the new one as a mother. For a few years, the feeling was unsettling despite being blessed with a support system at home, and despite even having grown up seeing a role model in my own working mum.

But over the years, the wisdom and experience of ensuring to live beyond just being a mother helped me feel the fulfillment. I am certainly more-than-being-a-happy-mum today! Yes, kids will grow, the demands of motherhood will change and so will the craft and wisdom to better manage roles and identities! My kids have never complained about me not being a full-time stay-at-home mum; I wonder if they will be able to relate to the “mum” in me that way ever.

I feel we must let our children recognize us mothers as individuals, and not allow our roles as mothers to suggest how they must perceive us. After all, what is the new-age mum without pushing her boundaries, be uncompromisingly, unapologetically herself, and be a bit of that everything to her children?

 In being more than just mum, I believe she is more confident, stronger, more content and happy…

I know my strength, confidence and contentment will also rub in to my boys someday, like the workshop takeaway!

3 thoughts on “More than being a mum- New series- Blog by Paawana Poonacha Cariappa

  1. Well articulated Paa. We are actually breaking the gender stereo typing which is so essential to bring up children, particularly boys, who may then be men accepting of a more equitable society.

  2. This upcoming new perspectives of motherhood must have surely got instilled in your kids and it’s highly welcoming.. Pa….!!

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