January 17, 2021

Photographs of Toddler Fun Hour event by Mums and Stories at The Little Gym

It was time for our second event of Toddler Fun Hour, in collaboration with The Little Gym.

The idea was to give the Little Gym experience and we also had two curated stories for the toddlers.


Here are some of the pictures of the event that took place at The Little Gym Jayanagar, Bangalore.

(The Team Leader from The Little Gym introducing the session).

Mums and Stories is a community led initiative and a platform where we feature true inspiring and interesting stories on moms, their personal journeys as mums, as entrepreneur mums, life decisions they took as mums. These we hope will help others to lead their lives too. Mums and Stories also does reviews of books for children, reviews travel spaces, spaces that are of relevance to mums and kids and organises events too for mums and kids.

The Toddler Fun Hour with The Little Gym is a curated event for toddlers from 8 months to 3 years of age.

(One of the favourite activities for kids and parents-The Rainbow-Umbrella activity).

(Kids are fascinated with the rainbow colors created when they stand underneath the rainbow sheet.)

To experience the fun, do watch out our announcements on the events on our website here on www.mumsandstories.com or on www.facebook,com/mumsandstories. We are also on Instagram where you can follow us.

To have your products, services (that are relevant to mums and kids) reviewed, or to collaborate with us for travel reviews or for events for mums and kids, do write to us at mumsandstories@gmail.com


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