May 12, 2021

Nirupama fitness and nutrition expert says mums should focus on ‘me time’

Nirupama S, a mum, leading nutritionist based in Pune, Corporate Wellness Coach, Fitness expert, author of the book ‘For Moms By Moms’, shares her story of transformation of life, career and health with Mums and Stories.

Recalling her childhood memories, Nirupama shares, “My childhood memories especially before I turned ten were simple and beautiful. We loved playing simple games like kite flying, playing with marbles and so many games that are almost forgotten now. After that I wasn’t really allowed to venture out as I belonged to a conservative Punjabi family and girls weren’t really allowed to play outside.

Life went on and I had an early marriage but thankfully before that I did work for corporates for close to a decade. Again life took a new turn with the onset of motherhood and I had to leave my career to give priority for my child. During this time I did brush upon nutrition courses as a learning experience. I had grown into an obese individual and wanted to change that in my life. Life came to a jolt and the courage for me to take a stand for myself. I walked out of my abusive marriage with my daughter.

When I re started my career I had equipped my knowledge on nutrition and it was time for action. Not only did I transform myself but over the years, we have helped over 3000 lives to become healthy with a good diet and lifestyle under Program ‘Flab to Fab 30 Days Challenge’.”

Nirupama who also loves styling shares with Mums and Stories, “I am a Punjabi and I love dressing up. During the lockdown initially it was like caged. But soon I had to participate in various live sessions on social media platforms for Health and Fitness.

I feel ‘me-time’ is very important for women, especially mums to maintain sanity and good mental health. This re-energizes our inner self and is similar to meditation which helps in clarity of thought. Women tend to forget themselves while making family as the priority. Family cannot be ignored but do think about yourself and establish a ‘me time’. You may pursue a new hobby, new passion, new career option anything that can add more value to your life.

Nirupama S

I also run a fitness group called “Lets make this world a fit place”. I also have my website at . Here Where in I provide online consultation for Health and fitness worldwide.  Also this is to encourage people to come out of their comfort zones and be healthy. I also want family members to realize that happy kitchens lead to happy and healthy families. What you purchase for your food on the table, what you cook; all this leads to what shows in your life as weight, health and emotional well balance too. Take care of yourself with adequate sleep, good nutrition and regular exercise.

I also feel women particularly those who feel they are not keeping up with the times to keep themselves updated with online courses that match their interests. Kids too want parents who are educated and keeping up with times. Do look for opportunities as the Internet has helped people connect, learn, explore and pursue so many things being at home.

Nirupama with her daughter

If you ask me I have managed a new career, new role much after I stepped into motherhood and it’s never too late to take that charge in your life. Being a mom is a blessing and I am glad my daughter has stood by me in my decisions. I do feel however she’s been mature for her age but that is probably due to circumstances and life situations.

Lastly don’t follow any fancy diets that cannot be sustained and be happy.”

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