October 4, 2022

Uma Money talks on Creating Value from the Lockdown

Uma Money shares this wonderful video with Mums and Stories, a platform for moms. The senior professional talks on why women, moms need to start introspecting, use this time at the time of lockdown, diminish anxiety, fears and reflect on one’s strengths and competencies. She also suggests to capture this in the form of a journal. Perhaps its the opportunity to utilise the ample amount of time and pursue the inclination towards one’s passion.

Uma Money has pioneered the Résumé Writing business in India since 1997. As Founder CEO for Career Catalyst, she has designed resumes for over 10,000 professionals and corporate bodies in the past two decades in Career Counseling, Résumé Writing, LinkedIn Profiles & Interview Preparation Assistance. Uma works with clients in India, US, Middle East, Europe and Asia Pacific, while collaborating with Certified Résumé Writers overseas.

Check the video on our youtube channel here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-AdKQH9DwpE

To reach her email at umabmoney@gmail.com or visit www.careercatalyst.net

Mums and Stories is a platform that connects mums and kids with various initiatives that help in uplifting their lives through stories, fun contests, credible information from experts on health, finance, personal journeys to name a few. Visit us at ww.mumsandstories.com or email at mumsandstories@gmail.com

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