January 15, 2021

Ninja Nani and the Mad Mummy Mix up review on Mums and Stories

#DuckbillbooksNinja Nani & the Mad Mummy Mix-up by Lavanya Karthik, published by Duckbill is on an interesting theme.

(Photograph by Mums and Stories)

Not really for young readers, this one is actually for middle readers probably in the age group of 9 to 14 years.
Gadbadnagar has a museum which has got a new exhibit and that’s a Mummy.

So the kids of IV ‘C’ of a school are all set to see the museum where Deepu’s mum works as the chief curator. Most kids are excited to see the Mummy whom they presume to be mysterious and interesting.


There is a definite tone of humor which sounds good if one can understand Hindi too like Gadbadnagar(name of the place), Deepu’s Nani referring an earlier exhibit as Chaddi banian exhibit, Mr. Thakchuke, Mr. Pocha as names of individuals and so on.

Also continuing the series of the earlier books, is Nani who is the super hero, which might come as a surprise to many as Nani or grandmoms are least expected to be heroes or identified with superpowers.

(Inner page of Ninja Nani and the Mad Mummy Mix up).

The story could have been shortened and so the dialogues as it does get lengthy and confusing in certain parts. Yet we would say the book does hold the interest of the reader.
The child at home, who is just turned nine almost nine and few days old, spent the entire morning reading the book twice to understand the story well enough.

The dialogues and conversations in the story, particularly among that of children are realistic and add character to the story.

Coming back to the plot, the mysterious Mummy seems to be moving in the museum and even attacked a security guard. So have a few artifacts gone missing.

So how do the adventurous and curious children who are trapped in the museum (who went inside to solve the mystery) manage to come out safely and does Nani Ninja help Deepu and others?

Do read to find more on this plot.

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