March 29, 2023

A Cookbook for Special days, Special People – Shivesh Bhatia

A Cookbook for Special days, Special People-Review by Natasha Chokawala

We at Mums and Stories asked a young enthusiastic reader,baker and chef to review the book and here’s what Natasha had to share. She also shared her review hand written for us.

Review of the Cookbook by Natasha Chokawala for Mums and Stories

Authored by Food influencer and content creator @shivesh17 , A CookBook for Special Days, for Special People is a great guide to beginners cooking for children.

It has many easy to follow recipes for anyone who has little or no baking or cooking experience. It is an excellent cookbook that takes into consideration what many other cookbooks don’t, like availability of ingredients. The book is specifically targeted at Indians and Shivesh makes sure the ingredients used in his recipes are those that most Indian households would most definitely have in their pantries. 

One thing I really loved about the book was the helpful kitchen guide. It walks readers through  the step by step process of some very important and useful processes for anyone baking such as using a microwave, melting chocolate, whipping cream and creaming butter. I also enjoyed the selection of special days and the recipes themselves.

They were the perfect mix of western and Indian- almost fusion recipes. All in all, this cookbook is extremely informative, easy to read and understand the recipes are fun and simple. It is something that anyone should invest as it can be used by anyone no matter their age or expertise.

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