February 28, 2021

Hug a Tree initiative on November 13th , 2016

Hug a Tree by Mums and stories


#NO to VVIP Flyover

This Children’s Day we at Mums and stories intend to bring an initiative that is being discussed with enthusiasm by city’s tree lovers, yet blatantly ignored by the authorities.

We want our kids to learn as they grow up it is essential to move forward but equally essential to preserve what we have. Moving forward doesn’t mean we chop trees that have been part of our lives and will be of our kids too.

This November 13th, Sunday, come and join Mums and stories team to participate in the campaign Hug a Tree initiative. No we don’t own this campaign as it has been done earlier too. Yet we do have an ownership to the city, to our kids and our trees.

Namma Bengaluru, Namma Maragalu.

Mark your date and come with kids of every age and show Bengaluru we care.

November 13th 2016, Sunday from 11am to 12noon

Calling out volunteers, storytellers, organizations who can help us in narrating stories on trees, artists who can draw pieces related to nature and volunteers. If interested to make this initiative bigger please mail at mumsandstories@gmail.com

Activities for children.

  • Hug a tree
  • Drawing and colouring related to nature.
  • Story telling
  • Story reading of books shared related to nature.

Free event. Register your name with your contact number and send a mail to mumsandstories@gmail.com and click on fb page of this event going.HUG a tree final

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