June 23, 2021

Anna Chandy -Chairperson The Live Laugh Foundation on Mums and Stories

Under Meet the Expert section Mums and Stories gets to interact in a brief conversation with Ms. Anna Chandy, Author of Battles in the Mind and Chairperson of The Live Laugh Foundation.

Anna has over 22 years of experience in counseling and has been the instrumental force for actress Deepika Padukone to open up on depression , mental health importance and why we need to talk and resolve it.


Anna shares women are more prone to mental ill-health due to a multitude of factors including family background, impact of violence at home and even migration from one city to another.

Here is a video conversation with Anna Chandy with Mums and stories

Anna reiterates how we are prepared for pregnancy and childbirth but very few speak on psychological impact when a new mother assumes a new role, new identity and new phase in life.

She also stresses that one should be encouraged to talk, resolve with family support and be aware that moms aren’t alone in tough situations.

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