April 11, 2021

Garden Pictures submissions-Green Gardening contest




This Summer a book you need to pick for your child is Green Gardening by Benita Sen, published by HarperCollins India. You can buy the book here- http://amzn.to/2ICUC1u

Use the three hashtags #Greengardening , #HarperCollins and #Mumsandstories and share your picture of your garden.

We are looking for best personal garden pictures in balconies, homes, indoor spaces etc.

Two lucky winners get to win a gift hamper from Harper Collins India.

Any query, reach us at mumsandstories@gmail.com. You can also email us your garden pictures, your name, contact number to mumsandstories@gmail.com

So we have received three more submissions on the pictures of their gardens.

Rajani -a homemaker sent us these lovely pictures of her garden.

(Pictures courtesy- Rajani)

“I started gardening when my second child was 6 months old, to get away from the feeling of doing nothing but taking care of two children. I developed great interest in it though the results were always not proportional.☺️

I just feel a great connection with myself when I am in my garden and it makes it worth all the effort.

The best compliment that I ever got was from my 4 year old daughter recently:
I asked her to have her lunch in the garden and she replied “Come, let us go to your glorious garden, Amma”.

Deepika Mehta says of her garden, ” My days enlighten with this blooming flowers and I love gazing at them admiring their beauty and strength to heal our environment with positivity all around.”


(Deepika in her small and cozy garden).

Dixita Mour shares” Gardening makes me smile, I love to see green plants everywhere showered or not showered with flowers – greens makes me happy. I wake early every morning and water my plants and clean the dried leaves and dust collected on leaves.

(Photograph courtesy-Dixita)

I also get to spot butterflies and all this all makes me feel beautiful- Among my green balcony garden I breathe happily, it is stress buster to me and also I do my yoga sitting near my plants for the exfoliating oxygen- I love my plants because they make me happy.”

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