February 26, 2021

The Shining Tiger Book Review on Mums and Stories

The Shining Tiger, written and illustrated by Moshank Relia, published by Pigeon Post Literary Press is an interesting read for young readers.

Raja and Baja, two boys aged around eleven years old were orphans and slowly life had become harsher for them. As they were true companions they did everything together. When one decided to leave the village, the other one too after a discussion followed suit.


Soon they were at a village where there were stories of a shining tiger seen in the nights.So an adventure of finding the shining tiger begins for Raja and Baja.

Will they find it and what happens thereafter? Find out in the story when you read or narrate it to your little one.

The illustrations are simple and the book could have done with more elaborate and colourful ones but nevertheless it’s a simple story that is interesting.

Here’s a short video that includes the excerpt and quick review  of the book


We give this book which is a good holiday and travel read a 4 out of 5.

You can find the book – here


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