July 3, 2020

Secret Seven Mystery of the Skull and Brain Games Review


Having been Enid blyton fans, we were excited to receive two books one as an addition to the original Secret Seven series.

Written by Pamela Butchart and published by Hachette  ‘Mystery of the skull’ is set in the same world of Enid Blyton series, although it does add up for more excitement.

Peter and his friends have to solve the mystery of a skull found in Peter’s bedroom. The Secret Seven are on a quest to unravel if this mystery is as it looks or there is more to be revealed.

The book is great for young readers who can read at ease and are curious of the world around us. We personally felt it’s a good start for kids who begin to like mystery themes.

As there is very little one can do in the real world to unravel a mystery on a daily basis, it’s fun and sheer pleasure to let the reader to dwell in this world of imagination through the Secret Seven.

There are distinct clues which Peter along with others notices and diligently notes it down

Clue 1: Peter finds skull in his bedroom

Clue 2: Part of second skull found in hotel grounds.

Clue 3: New hotel owner behaving suspiciously and digging large hole.

Do read to find out if the mystery of the skull leads one to a crime or not? It can be a million pound crime.

The other interesting book received is a dedicated activity book for young minds on Brain games with a whopping number of 100 puzzles to be solved.


Right from treasure maps, to crosswords, to word wheels and various kinds of quizzes, The Secret Seven Brain Games is a must for kids who love Enid Blyton Secret Seven series.

It does help if you or the young one attempting to solve the quizzes listed; does read one or two novels of Secret Seven series to be familiar with the characters.

Even otherwise, the book can be a ready source of entertainment while traveling or spending a weekend at home.

(Photographs are by Mums and Stories and are subject to copyright).

The books are available here- https://www.amazon.in/Secret-Seven-Mystery-Pamela-Butchart/dp/1444948741

and here- https://www.amazon.in/Secret-Seven-Brain-Puzzles-Challenge/dp/1444944630


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