July 10, 2020

Dipthi Aashok on getting the look for Indian festive season

We at Mums and Stories are back with Meet the Expert section and this time we bring you an interesting mum who uses make up to build confidence among a host of other abilities in women.

Dipthi Aashok is an entrepreneur who runs the DA Studio, she is a noted make up artist, a mum and she’s sharing a few important tips on how one can get the right ‘look’ with the Indian attire with makeup.

This is the make up she has used for the look and it is most suited for festive season and evenings where one can step out with confidence to dazzle under the lights.

Model & Make up artist- Dipthi Aashok

Attire- Indian look and evening look

Jewellery- Gold and Rosewood Inlay work

Saree- Grape Wine Kanjeevaram saree paired with a sleeveless beige blouse.

Dipthi shares with Mums and Stories, ” Make up according to me is a way to celebrate myself.As a creative person I believe a face is a canvas and I get to paint a new masterpiece every time I wear makeup.
It’s a pick-me-up to feel confident and most definitely an extension of my personality.Most importantly I don’t let my makeup over shadow me!

Makeup is an enhancement and not a mask.

Also my response to young women when they come to me to learn or get make up done is that, you should be able to do makeup in a way that enhances your look and makeup is not all about looking perfect . A little imperfection is what really adds to the beauty.
Never come with an intention to look like someone. Each one’s facial structure is different and it’s important to design a look that fits one’s skin tone,facial structure and personality.

So for this look, I started off with the primer and later applied the foundation and sealed with benefit flawless compact. I used the MAC pigment on the center of the lids to create that pop and used the shade brick on the crease.

I have also used a slightly dark shade of maroon to intensify the corners. I completed the look using gorgeous gold shadow from MAC for the brow bone and the inner corner of my eyes to brighten the eyes.

The kohl I used is Lakme iconic and finished off with generous coat of mascara. I have filled my lip with a liner and applied ruby woo.


For the checks , I used Estée Lauder sculpting blush in the shade wild sunset and for highlighted the cheek bones with Bobby brown shimmer brick!

The products I’ve used are

1.Loreal base magique primer
2.Clarins everlasting foundation
3.Lakme iconic kohl

4.Seohora voluminous extension mascara

5.MAC pigment for eyes in copper
6.Brick eyeshadow from MAC for the crease

7.Gorgeous gold eyeshadow from MAC for highlighting the brow bone and the inner corner of the eyes
8.MAC ruby woo lipstick

9.Estee Lauder blush

10.Bobby brown highlighter for cheekbone, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow and chin.”

Do let us know if you would like to try this look or have some questions for Dipthi.

We will have it answered as a monthly column under Meet the Experts section. Email us at mumsandstories@gmail.com with the subject line- Make up-Dipthi Aashok

Also in case you want to get in touch with Dipthi to attend her workshops, reach her on https://www.facebook.com/DipthiAashokMakeup/


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