August 7, 2020

Ways to ensure your child drinks more water this summer

If you are living anywhere in the country (apart from a few hill stations), you would be discussing once in a while on heat, clothing to wear to be sweat free and being cool literally in summers.

Water is a crucial resource, yet many urban homes have kids and adults who would go in for cold beverages than just water.

Do remember that even fresh fruit juices do not replace water and its value while beverages add up sugar content in the body.

So here are a few techniques that one can try to increase water content for family members, especially kids.

After every snack, give the child water to drink.

A) For older children, make them understand that access to clean drinking water is a luxury which one cannot afford to miss.

Many kids unfortunately across the world do not have the privilege to drink clean water or within our country have to travel miles to get pots of drinking water.

A) Get Cartoon cups – Younger kids are most influenced by cartoon characters. So a cup or a sipper that has your child’s favourite cartoon character on it might just make water a little more attractive.

B) Accessibility matters – Ensure you place a mug of water with a bottle or a glass with water somewhere where your child can reach easily. Every time he or she finishes it, be prompt to refill the glass and remind him to have another glass in an hour’s time.

C) Limit the options– Don’t stock beverages like colas or sweetened drinks at home. Even if you want to offer sweetened beverages once in a while, try and dilute the liquid with parts of water.

D)Read a story – Find a story that features a story of a character like ‘Potter the otter-A tale about water’. ‘The Water Princess’ or create a short, colourful self-made storybook that has a character who is healthy and wise as he has lots of water.



E) Be an example – Children learn by seeing adult behaviour. Make sure you have water at regular intervals and encourage the child to do so with you.

F) Make a game -Children of four and above can have a game of pouring water from a small pitcher to small glasses or paper cups and set a target of finishing at least five cups in one day.

If getting your child to drink more water is still a daunting task, then increase their fluid intake with fruit juices without sugar, tender coconut, soups, seasonal fruits like watermelons and muskmelons and beverages like buttermilk or nimbu paani.

( From the Edit’s desk- Mums and Stories).


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