September 28, 2020

Quiz books for kids from Hachette India

We love books at home that test our skills on comprehension, sentence structure, language, grammar and yet is simple and fun.

Brain Games by Dr. Gareth Moore, illustrations by Jess Bradley, published by Hachette India are fun ways of keeping your young one’s boring weekday evenings or weekends creatively occupied.



The books have simple activities like join the dots, find the perfect pair’s, mark the odd one out or word puzzles or playing with numbers, that it makes for a good usage of time.

The activities are creatively titled and we’ll illustrated and many have multiple options questions with answers given for reference.

One of the two books in this series, is specifically on knowledge and information that gives out interesting insights. Questions like Which of these animals can walk on water? Options are frogs, pond skater, swan or deer. The answer is pond skater.

Likewise questions are on weather, underwater world, animal lives, geography and do much more. This could be a great parent-child activity too to solve the questions and puzzles together.

We loved the books and do recommend it for 7 to 10 years of age. Kids will get interested in a lot of topics and it could be great conversation starters.

We also received 501 facts factory Amazing Buildings of the world by Sreelata Menon, published by Hachette India.
Classified into Lighthouses, palaces, museums, temples, the tallest buildings in the world to mausoleums to many more the book is not exhaustive in each category, in content but does attempt to get the curiosity bug out from kids who might get fascinated by interesting buildings.

So you have a number of Indian structures like the Taj or Umaid Bhavan palace or the Lake palace or the royal Mysore palace.

Did you know that the Amba Vilas Palace in Mysuru, Karnataka has a Kalyana Mantapa built entirely in Glasgow and has been transported to Mysore. Facts like these make the book a good reference and add up to the child’s knowledge on structures.

Mums and Stories gives these books 4 on 5.

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