July 10, 2020

Book review of Flyaway Boy by Jane De Suza


We received this book sometime back and it is a book for 9 to 12 year olds. Flyaway Boy with the protagonist Kabir is about a boy who truly doesn’t fit anywhere, be it in school, home, neighborhood and often gets into trouble.

He is different and his ways of coping too are different.

Jane De Souza, has brought in humour in the initial part of the story where Kabir behaves, the way he does and the description looks interesting for the reader.

The story takes a different turn when Kabir goes missing and what happens next is for you to find out.

It is important we have books on topics that are sensitive and children read through these emotions of how parents, schools or even media reacts when one goes off the track, like a child gone missing.

We loved the style, story and do recommend it for kids who are in a capacity to understand what happens if you choose to do something like this or why you should forbid yourself from doing it.

A short excerpt:

When his marks came in, Kabir thought they were interesting. His marks across subjects skittered up and down, some climbing optimistically high and some dropping dangerously low. Like the range of hills that surrounded their town.

Kavni’s marks followed one straight line, high up in the sky. Like the jet stream of a plane flying over those hills. In fact, his social studies teacher called him to her table and told him, ” You’ve turned in a blank paper. What were you doing in the exam?’

Kabir thought of many answers he could give, but none that his social studies teacher would find satisfying.

Mums and Stories gives Flyaway Boy 4.5 out of 5

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