June 6, 2023

Vasavi Reddy on being a mum to three and stay at home dilemmas

Meet Vasavi Reddy, a mum who is blessed with three kids including twins shares on her journey from a simple small town girl to someone who is the ‘sutradhaar’ in the family. Vasavi shares with Mums and stories, “I grew up in a small town in Andhra Pradesh. I remember, spending all my summer vacations running around rice fields and mango gardens. Actually I feel, small towns create a nest which is difficult to escape. Growing up in small town has prepared me for many things and given me lot of memories which are always close to nature and greenery.

Marriage got me to Bangalore and it has changed my entire life. Everything was new- new city, new place, new people around me but my husband gave complete freedom to do whatever I liked.

Life has taken its own course where I had a wonderful moment of becoming a mother and later on to twins, which was challenging to handle three kids who are extremely mischievous.


I do feel one must love their kids unconditionally with out any expectations. It is also important to try and create a calm atmosphere at home which is very difficult for me with three kids. I do understand and implement that ‘If one makes a mistake then one should apologize.

I was brought up in a joint family my parents did try to instill in us to have respect for others and value money too. This is something I try to teach my children too.

As a family we do go for good number of vacations. If I have to suggest, I would recommend Karwar which is a beautiful place with lot of activities for kids and adults trekking, mountain climbing and kayaking.

Agumbe near Shimoga is also a beautiful scenic place should go during the rainy season, I feel one can even travel and enjoy metros like Delhi and destinations like Agra that speak on history.”

On being a stay at home person and the perceived notions, she says, “Staying at home is like a commitment and it has no end. I do regret I have not done anything for myself…. Now when I try to do something I am not confident whether I can do or not.”


Vasavi winds up saying, “Being a mom is one of the most difficult and challenging jobs in the world. If I have to compare, I would say- though my mom is not that educated she brought us up with lot of values and discipline.”

Mums and stories thanks Vasavi for sharing her journey with us and we also hope we can bring out this subject that needs to be addressed as to the importance of stay at home mums and what can be done to keep them motivated, happy and confident to consider themselves no less than anyone else.

One thought on “Vasavi Reddy on being a mum to three and stay at home dilemmas

  1. True Vasavi..stay at home moms do need to do something to keep them active. Pursuing hobbies like music, dance, or any other interest for a few hours while children are away at school go a long way.

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