June 6, 2023

Urvashi Yadav on starting a food cart to maintain financial stability at home

Urvashi is slowly getting used to the limelight by being featured in national media and leading websites thanks to a decision she took in life. She surely is receiving huge amount of positive attention from media and in her neighbourhood which she truly deserves in life.

Preparing herself to take charge in case of any financial contingency in her life has led Urvashi Yadav to set an example to others.

Perhaps it is also the quest of finding an identity of herself as an entrepreneur too. Undoubtedly it has worked for Urvashi for being committed to her decision.

Kudos to this awesome mum and all those who stood by her decision.

In a telecon with Mums and stories, Urvashi shares, “My husband had met with an accident and we were informed he has to undergo hip surgery. This was sometime back and I knew that he will not be able to work for a while. The healing process too would take time. We have had financial commitments and kids are studying in good schools. But when I realized his income towards family expenditure might be minimized or wouldn’t be there at all (due to the medical condition and inability to work for a while) this bothered me day and night.

Urvashi -final- soul stirrings by Sunali

I kept telling my father-in-law I have to do something not to allow the financial stability and emotional stability at home not crumble. I was a teacher at a playschool and I had quit due to family needs. I wanted to explore the idea of cooking as a profession as I do cook well. Here in Gurgaon there are many catering businesses and home catering services. I didn’t want to take that up but thought of starting a roadside food cart.

Initially my family was aghast. My father-in-law told me, we will look for a restaurant space and the business according to our status in the society. I just couldn’t take that risk of taking a huge financial capital and begin something. I wasn’t even sure if it would work to match the investment.

I was used to a few luxuries in life but coming and starting this food cart or ‘thela’ as an ordinary citizen has taught me much in life.

My daughter who is the elder one initially was not keen as she perhaps was bothered how her friends would react or her teachers think of this decision. I want to pass on a message that no job if legal in the eyes of law is below your status symbol. You will know your potential if you are dedicated and I urge women to take the plunge to see what you can do in life.

I have two employees with me and since the time my first interview came out, a lot of people talk to me nicely. My kids are happy that it has worked. I am up by 4am in the morning and go to sleep only by 1am.

I am managing the steering wheel right now and thank all those who stood by me including my father-in-law.”

We wish Urvashi and her family all the success, health and happiness in life.

Image courtesy- Urvashi and Soul-stirrings by Sunali

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