January 23, 2021

Things That Only Parents of Boys Will Understand -Guest blog by Preethi Sarvanakumar

wo mums who are friends and bloggers have been writing on their platform to have an interesting blog on parenting, DIY quick hacks, motherhood dilemmas and more.

Here is an interesting perspective shared by Preethi Sarvanakumar, one of the duo writers from https://purelypriaish.wordpress.com

Most moms who have boys at home will surely nod to many of the points shared here.

Preethi shares, ” Though parenting is not the same for everyone, we definitely share few common child-behaviors and experiences that seem to be universal. Most parents, would surely agree that raising boys and girls are two entirely different aspects; for there are differences in interests, ideas and psychology. However, there are some things that only parents of boys would be able to relate to, or understand.

Being a parent of two boys, I am sharing experiences and incidents that I think are very typical in families with boys. Raising boys is like going on a Ferris Wheel one minute, and laying under the tranquil starry sky the other minute. This is a shout-out to all the parents having impish young men at home!

  • We are rough, tough and messy.

Having boys at home is like having Superheroes, Wrestlers, Rescuers, Warriors, and Aliens; all at one place. You never know what they are, that minute, and what they expect you to be, the next minute. There are lots of rolling, jumping, leaping, skipping and hopping that goes on…Therefore, we have Band-Aids/ Antiseptic handy all the time which they wear like a badge of honor with pride. They love doing experiments every day as they learn or discover new things, on the flip-side there is a big mess that awaits major cleaning!

Once I had bought a new bathroom rug, my elder son (6-year-old then) asked me why I had purchased the new one. I explained to him that I wanted an alternate rug, and that it is better absorbing than the existing one. A few hours later when I went to the restroom, I found the new rug, drippy-wet! I asked my son about the wet-rug as he was the one who used the bathroom a few minutes ago, the answer left me awe-struck! He had poured a mug of water on the rug to test if my statement was right! Yes, that’s how humorously invigorating it is, with boys!

  • We are always moving, noisy and chaotic.

They are masters of sound-effects and the talent only grows stronger day-by-day, you have no other option but to learn to live with the noise. And trust me, you’ll get used to the constant unpredictable chaos around the house. Your little energy-hubs are contagious; no matter how tired you are, you can’t escape doing the silly dance with the silly-experts, or talking with their pet dinosaurs like they are real.

Oh! And beware what goes in the washing machine! You need to double check their pockets before doing laundry; you might end-up, finding rocks, bugs or sticks. I once found a laptop key in my drier– turns-out that my little one had done the honors!

  • Our world revolves around Mommy.

Though Daddy is the first (most important) role-model; the superhero, their days undoubtedly revolve around Mommy whether they admit it or not! While they pretend or project to be very strong/ tough, they actually are very tender and loving on the inside. They are silly and humorous; you learn to put-up with their ridiculous potty-jokes. You find hidden clothes in different rooms or unexpected spots that you discover days/ months later! By the time, you find them your child might have outgrown the clothing-size.

  • We are the best Cuddlers.  

Having boys in the house exhausts you to the point that you would want to bang your head one day, and you feel the opposite the other day. The ever-changing emotional trauma magically dissolves the minute they hug and cuddle. They are actually very caring, helpful and re-assuring, contradicting their external toughness. My little-one has this knack of diffusing my serious-mood, just by making a funny face or by sitting on my lap with a wide smile. He does this thing every time and demands that I smile, even if he knows that I am not upset with him. I guess he needs the assurance that everything is okay. This is their way of signaling that you are doing the right thing!

Parenting is not a course or it does not have a preset structure. One does not become a parent as soon as a baby is born; but Parenting is a trial-and-error life-time experience, that you learn as you and your children grow. The ever-prevailing uncertainty and thrill are the features that keep your enthusiasm up during the parenting-journey. You never can master Parenting! So, just roll-up your sleeves and take deep-breaths; believe in your parenting-style!

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