February 26, 2021

Lepakshi Day trip from Bangalore

Want to go for a quick one day trip from Bangalore?

We opted for a quick road trip that is approximately around 140 kms away from Bangalore and can be covered in 2.5 hours.


(Breathtaking stone architecture at Lepaskhi Temple.Photograph by Mums and Stories. One of the largest Nagalinga in the country)

Lepakshi is a space that is not only historically significant but also has a mythological tale that enhances its significance for a visitor.

(Apart from Shiva , Parvati and Vishnu, the temple complex has stone architecture of other deities too like this one of Ganesha outside the temple, leaning against a rock).

Lepakshi town has the famed Veerabhadrashiva temple and even now there are hundreds of people visiting the holy deity to pray to Lord Shiva, Lord Veerabhadra, Parvati and Naga.

The temple compound is huge and reminds one of Hampi architecture. There are carvings of gods and goddesses and even picturesque structures like the hanging pillar, the idol of Ganesha, the idol replica of Naga and many others.


There is the tale to the space that it was built four hundred years ago by two brothers who were at the service, during the Vijayanagara kings period and also the tale and the belief of thousands of years ago of the famed Jatayu bird falling down at Lepaskhi after being injured by demon king Ravana. The temple also has the folklore that it was built by sage Agastya.


According to Ramayana tale, Jatayu tried to obstruct Ravana from kidnapping Sita and Ravana mercillessly cut Jatayu’s (eagle) wings and the poor soul fell down injured at Lepakshi. Lord Ram and Lakshman came to Lepkashi searching for Sita when they were informed by Jatayu that she had been taken to Lanka by Ravana.

(Marvellous architecture at Lepakshi temple. Photograph by Mums and Stories)

As a day trip, begin early from Bangalore by 8am so that you are in Lepakshi by 10.30am. The temple complex is open from morning until late evening and nearby spaces has the Nandi statue with a park attached to it. Right opposite is the Jatayu theme park which kids will love to climb and have a view of the town. We at Mums and Stories loved this spot as it can be climbed easily through stairs. Watch out for curious monkeys who might want to grab your food packets but are otherwise harmless and non intrusive. There is a restaurant nearby which offers simple vegetarian buffet lunch without much fanfare.

There are enough spots where you can take amazing pictures and spend your time as a perfect outdoor picnic.

(Nandi statue at Lepakshi that is beautifully decorated and makes for a good photo opportunity spot.This is right before the main temple, opposite to Jatayu theme park)

(Temple complex at Lepakshi)

Do remember to carry the following

Finger foods and fruits



Umbrella, Caps

We suggest you go to this destination by your own vehicle although there is Hindupur railway station close.

Fun things to look out for:

A faded but interesting painting on the ceiling within the temple, close to the main deity.

A space/room where one of the gods is worshiped and the room and structure is so old that you can find bats hanging on the ceiling.

Hanging pillar that has the fun element where you can swipe a newspaper under it and its story of how a British engineer tried to have it uprooted but was unsuccessful.

Watch out for:

Monkeys who are around the temple looking for food.

Humid, weather and go adequately prepared.


Have fun whether you go solo or with kids or friends. Mums and Stories gives this destination a five on five.


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